Can Dogs Drink Beer?

A lot of dogs seem to enjoy the taste of beer so, oftentimes, dog owners wonder whether dogs can drink beer, wine, or alcohol in general. And, if so, can dogs get drunk? Most humans like drinking beer and it’s only natural to want to share that experience with our pups.

However, before sharing an alcoholic drink with your pet, owners should really ask themselves whether beer is good or bad for dogs? Unfortunately, experts will tell you that alcohol is definitely not something dogs should drink in any amount. In fact, giving your pup beer can be very dangerous and poisonous!

Specifically, beer contains hops which are extremely toxic to dogs. The effects following ingestion of hops by dogs are immediate, and can include vomiting, changes in body temperature, and breathing problems. Hops can also cause kidney damage in dogs. In addition to hops, alcohol is just not healthy for your dog to have. Below, we will discuss the side effects of alcohol and what can happen if a dog drinks beer.

Can Dogs Drink Beer


Dogs Can’t Handle Any Alcohol

It is important to know that dogs can’t drink any type of alcohol, no matter how much they enjoy the taste. For one thing, dogs are a lot smaller than we are so they have a much lower tolerance to alcohol and can get alcohol poisoning easier.

Note that in addition to not giving dogs any drinks that contain alcohol, they also can’t have any foods that have been cooked with alcohol. The alcohol may burn off, but the other harmful ingredients are still there.

Alcohol Poisoning and Dogs

Dogs have no tolerance to alcohol, including beer, so even a tiny bit may cause adverse physical effects. Beer can actually cause alcohol poisoning or ethanol toxicosis in dogs. Dogs have the same reactions to beer as humans but their reactions occur much faster and are much more serious. The higher the alcohol content, the harder it is on your dog’s body and systems.

We may enjoy getting a good buzz on once in a while from alcohol, but all it is going to do for your dogs is confuse them and make them incredibly sick. Symptoms of alcohol toxicity in dogs include confusion, disorientation, and weakened motor functions. Although we tend to fall asleep when we’ve had too much to drink, dogs are more susceptible to experiencing nausea, diarrhea, and difficulty urinating.

If dogs drink large quantities of beer, they can end up with kidney or heart failure and even lapse into a coma. Severe symptoms related to alcohol poisoning can occur an hour or less after consumption. Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of sips of alcohol for dogs to become extremely ill; and the effects may be lasting and irreversible.

No, Dogs Can’t Drink Beer

It’s OK for you to consume alcohol on occasion but, under no circumstances, should you share your drink with your dogs. If you have friends over for drinks, you should make sure that they know not to give any beer to your dogs. The last thing you want is for your dogs to get seriously ill from alcohol poisoning, a condition that could potentially kill them.