Can Dogs Drink Orange Juice?

A lot of people think that water is too plain, and that their dogs must get bored drinking it all the time, especially when there are other healthy beverages that taste a lot better. You may wonder, can dogs drink orange juice and, if so, is orange juice bad for dogs? Well, technically, dogs can drink orange juice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they really need it in their diets.

Even though oranges are loaded with nutrients that dogs do need, pups tend to get everything they need in their regular diets, and do not need to have anything else added. That being said, dogs can drink most juices so giving them some orange juice once in awhile won’t hurt them. But before your dog has any OJ, let’s explore some of the side effects it can cause.

Can Dogs Drink Orange Juice

Orange Juice Is Not Toxic To Dogs

Many of us don’t even think about giving citrus fruits to our dogs, because we don’t think they would enjoy the acidic taste. While most cats don’t like oranges and other citrus fruits, dogs like them. Since orange juice is not toxic to dogs, it is safe to give them a drink on occasion. But, it isn’t something that they regularly need.

Orange juice doesn’t give a dog’s immune system a boost as it does with humans, so it isn’t really going to benefit them. Ultimately, OJ isn’t bad or unsafe for dogs as long as they don’t drink too much.

How Much Orange Juice Can Dogs Have?

It is safe to give a little bit of orange juice to your dogs several times a week, but keep it to just a few sips. The problem with many orange juices is the other ingredients they contain. Oranges contain natural sugars, but some manufacturers also add more sugar to make the drink sweeter. If you are going to give orange juice to your dogs, make sure that you check the ingredients to make sure that no additional sugars have been added.

Citric acid can also pose a problem for some dogs. Most dogs don’t have a problem digesting orange juice, but the citric acid can affect some dogs in negative ways that include stomach upsets, vomiting, and diarrhea. Furthermore, citric acid may cause a burning sensation when dogs poop as a result of their stools being acidic. Lastly, foods and drinks high in citric acid are known to damage tooth enamel. Too much orange juice could end up causing irreparable damage to your dogs’ teeth.

Yes, Dogs Can Drink Orange Juice in Moderation

If your dogs enjoy orange juice, and they don’t seem to experience any negative effects after drinking a bit, it is okay to give some to them as a treat. So, if you are enjoying a glass of orange juice in the morning and your dogs want some, let them have a few sips. It isn’t going to provide a lot of nutrition for them, but it isn’t going to hurt them either.