Can Dogs Eat Bok Choy?

Wondering if dogs can eat bok choy? There are plenty of foods that are very good for dogs to have, and bok choy is certainly one of the best and safest. Bok choy is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that dogs need in order to stay healthy and strong. Even though the best dog food typically contains enough nutrition for dogs, it still doesn’t hurt to add natural wholesome fruits, vegetables and proteins to their diets.

To be clear, dogs shouldn’t eat a steady diet of bok choy as moderation is important, but a small amount a few times a week can offer health benefits. Below, we’ll discuss why bok choy is good for dogs to help you further understand the best ways to keep your pet fit.

Can Dogs Eat Bok Choy

Health Benefits of Bok Choy For Dogs

One of the reasons so many people include bok choy in their diets is because it is very rich in many vitamins and nutrients. Your dog can also benefit from these naturally-sourced nutrients, which include:


Bok choy is rich in fiber, and is good for dogs that experience constipation or irregular bowel movements. Fiber helps to keep stool loose in your dog’s digestive systems and moving freely throughout the bowels.

Vitamin A

Bok choy is rich in vitamin A, which is necessary for good eye health, in both humans and dogs. It is extremely important to make sure that puppies get plenty of vitamin A, and bok choy is a great source. It is also good for older dogs to help prevent natural vision degeneration associated with old age.

Vitamin C

Bok choy is packed with vitamin C, which will help strengthen your dog’s immune system. Just be careful, as there is such a thing as too much vitamin C. Ask your veterinarian how much your dog needs.


Another great thing about bok choy is that it is rich in the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which are necessary for healthy eyes.

Vitamin K, Magnesium, and Phosphorous

Dogs need all of these nutrients in order to maintain good skeletal systems. Vitamin K is important because it helps your dog’s body absorb calcium, as well as plays an essential part in heart function.

Promotes A Healthy Heart

Bok choy is loaded with nutrients, such as vitamin B6 and folate, which help support a healthy heart.

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Bok Choy in Moderation

If you’re planning on giving bok choy to your dog, make sure that you cut it into small pieces to prevent it from becoming a choking hazard as well as making it easier to digest. Remember, any treats for dogs should be given in moderation, including bok choy. Too much can lead to diarrhea, runny stools, or upset stomachs. If you’re unsure about giving bok choy to your dog, you should talk to your vet to see what he/she recommends.