Can Dogs Eat Cheetos?

Have you ever been sitting on your couch, enjoying a bag of Cheetos, and wonder whether dogs can eat Cheetos or hot Cheetos too? Obviously, your dog would love it, but should a pup really have them? First of all, there is absolutely no nutritional value in Cheetos, so there is no reason to give dogs Cheetos. Let’s take a look at why Cheetos are bad for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cheetos

Why Are Cheetos Bad For Dogs?

Cheetos are a processed food, and processed foods are not good to give to your dogs. Sure, you can give them a small bite once in a while, but remember, you are just giving them empty calories. This tasty snack is made with lower-quality vegetable oil, imitation cheese products, MSG, and a lot of salt, not to mention chemical flavors and additives that are not good for dogs, or humans for that matter.

Just take a look at the nutrition label on the next bag of Cheetos you get, and you will see just how unhealthy they really are. By eating just 13 pieces, your dogs would consume 150 calories, next to no protein, not even a gram of fiber, and not enough vitamins or minerals to make this treat a good choice.

In addition to having no nutritional benefits, Cheetos can actually be dangerous to dogs, especially if they eat a lot of them because they contain so much saturated fat, which is even harder for dogs to process than it is for humans. This can lead to obesity, and even more serious health issues, including diabetes and pancreatitis, which can lead to death.

Dogs Do Not Need Fatty or Salty Foods

Yes, dogs do need fat in their diets, but they need the healthy fats, and not the saturated fats that are found in Cheetos and other similar treats. Too much fat in their diet can lead to obesity, and this can cause heart disease, arthritis, kidney problems, breathing problems, resistance to insulin, diabetes, and even certain cancers.

We may love salt to flavor our foods, but not only do dogs not need much of it in their diets, it can actually be quite dangerous for them. Because Cheetos are high in salt, they are not a good snack choice for dogs. Too much salt in a single sitting can be life threatening, and too much salt in general can lead to high blood pressure, heart issues, and stroke.

No, Dogs Can’t Eat Cheetos

If you want to give your dogs treats, don’t give them Cheetos. There are plenty of other treats that they love just as much, and that are a lot healthier. You can feed them pieces of certain vegetables to give them something crunchy, or real cheese if they are not lactose intolerant.