Can Dogs Eat Ham?

We all love to feed our dogs scraps from the table, and a lot of those scraps can be healthy for them to eat. But, not all of the things we think our dogs like are actually good for them. For instance, dogs and puppies do need to have meat in their diets, but there are certain types of meat that should actually be avoided. So, can dogs eat ham? Below, we’ll explore if ham is good or bad for dogs to have, and why ham may make your dog sick!

Can Dogs Eat Ham

Why Is Ham Bad For Dogs?

Ham is bad for dogs, period. When you come right down to it, it isn’t overly good for humans to consume regularly either. But, with dogs, it can actually be mildly toxic and lead to stomach aches. If you feed your dog ham regularly, it could do some serious damage to their health. Sure, they look adorable when they are begging, and they can be pretty hard to resist, but if you really love your dog, you won’t give in with this particular food.

Pork is a meat that is high in parasites, and is known to be a “dirty” meat. In fact, many religions do not allow their followers to eat any pork products, including ham. Ham must be thoroughly cooked in order to ensure that the parasites have been killed. If you feel that you really must give in to your dog’s begging when you have ham, make sure it is only a small bite, and only do it once in a blue moon.

More Reasons Not To Feed Your Dog Ham

Ham is a processed meat, even when not turned into lunch meats. It is processed with brine, which gives it a very high salt content. Foods that are high in salt can lead dogs to drink too much water, and they end up bloated, which is unhealthy.

Ham is also high in fat, which is not good for dogs either. If you have been giving your dog ham, and your dog is obese, it is time to eliminate this food from his diet, no matter how much they like it. Ham can also be hard for dogs to digest, which is going to cause stomach ailments.

No, Dogs Can’t Have Ham

It is best to simply not give any pork products to your dog, unless it is a very small amount occasionally as a treat. For instance, your dog may love it when you are eating bacon, but it is not good for him, even in the slightest, because it is so highly processed. Basically, if you are going to give your dog pork products, make sure it is from a cut that is not processed as much, such as a roast or a tenderloin.