Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

In many cases, a lot of pets don’t seem to care for the sharp taste of citrus fruits. But, most dogs do tend to love the taste of oranges. But if you are wondering whether oranges are bad for dogs, the answer is no. In fact, oranges are safe and good for dogs in moderate amounts because they are packed with nutrients that dogs need in order to be healthy.

Dogs can also eat tangerines, clementines, and cuties. However, dogs should not eat orange peels as it is difficult for them to digest and may cause an upset stomach. Let’s take a look at some of the many health benefits oranges provide.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

Why Oranges Are Good For Dogs

Oranges are an excellent source of dietary fiber, as well as many other vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C. Oranges provide antioxidants that help keep a dog’s immune system healthy, and giving your dog oranges can help to prevent them from becoming sick with colds and flu, which dogs are susceptible to.

Vitamin C, as well as the folate, also aids in wound healing, and promotes new cell growth. The following nutrients are found in oranges:

  • Vitamins A, B6 and C
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Fiber

The potassium in oranges is great for your dog’s heart. This is an electrolyte, and it helps to keep the heart working effectively. Dogs with low levels of potassium have the risk of developing arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat), but including oranges in their diets can reduce this risk.

If your dog has arrhythmia, it is best to consult with your vet before making any dietary changes. They will probably say it is okay to give your dog oranges, and they may even have other dietary suggestions that can help.

Obese Dogs

In addition, oranges don’t have fat, cholesterol, or sodium which makes them a great treat for obese dogs. Oranges may also help reduce your dog’s risk of heart disease.

Oranges also help to keep cholesterol levels down, and it can lower cholesterol levels in dogs. A low-fat, high-fiber diet is recommended for lowering cholesterol levels, and since oranges have no fat and are high in dietary fiber, they are an excellent choice to give as a treat.

Older Dogs

Oranges are known to be great for blood circulation and its high levels of vitamin C may help relieve inflammation. This makes oranges a great treat for older dogs that suffer from arthritis or other degenerative diseases.

Safely Feeding Your Dog Oranges

Just because oranges are healthy for dogs, it doesn’t mean that you can go overboard when giving them to your dog. It is best to give your dog all types of food in moderation. Too much of certain foods, including oranges, can cause stomach upset, which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Make sure that you completely peel any oranges that you give to your dog, and remove all of the seeds. Give your dog a couple of orange sections once or twice a week.

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Oranges in Moderation

With all of the warnings about feeding certain human foods to dogs, it is nice to know that oranges are among the many human foods that are perfectly safe for dogs to eat. They are loaded with nutrients that dogs need, and as long as you don’t give your dog too much, oranges can be a healthy part of their regular diet.