Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

Ever wonder if dogs can eat pasta or spaghetti? For many, there are few meals that are better than a big bowl of pasta, spaghetti, noodles, or macaroni and cheese. Although we tend to love these meals, we’ve become acutely aware that the different kinds of pasta might not be very good for us to eat regularly (at least from a weight loss and fitness perspective). Oftentimes, dog owners wonder whether it’s similar for our pets and if dogs can eat pasta without becoming obese or sluggish.

Generally speaking, a little can go a long way when it comes to dogs and pasta. While pasta or spaghetti in moderation isn’t necessarily good or bad for dogs, it is OK to give your pet very small amounts of plain pasta (without sauce) once in awhile. Specifically, remember that dogs should not eat pasta, spaghetti, noodles, or mac and cheese with any sauce since it can contain ingredients that can be harmful, if not toxic, to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Pasta

Health Benefits of Pasta For Dogs

Pasta contains nutrients such as iron and vitamin B. It’s also high in fiber if you’re eating whole-wheat pasta. Further, pasta is a carbohydrate, meaning it’s rich in glucose and offers a source of energy for your dog’s body and muscles. However, your dog would need to eat an entire cup of pasta in order to obtain the benefits of these nutrients, which is far too much to give her. Ultimately, there are better sources of nutrition that won’t cause your dog to become overweight, slow, and unhealthy.

Alternatively, there are many other foods that you can safely share with your dogs. These include various types of meat, vegetables, fruits, dog treats, etc. But, you should make sure that these treats aren’t seasoned with salt, garlic, or onion, which can be found in traditional spaghetti sauces.

Overall, it’s best for dogs to have unseasoned foods because they can’t taste all the same flavors humans do and some of the seasonings may be bad or downright toxic for them.

Say “No” To Pasta Sauce

Generally speaking, you should never give your dogs pasta sauce. Yes, it’s safe for dogs to eat tomatoes, but these sauces contain many other ingredients that aren’t healthy for them. For example, pasta sauce is often seasoned with onion and garlic, which can be fatal for dogs. Moreover, noodles found in ramen and pho will contain a lot of salt.

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Pasta Without Sauce in Moderation

It can be difficult to say no to those adorable, pleading eyes when your pet is begging for treats. But, always remember that you’re helping them in the long-run by limiting their treats, especially when it comes to macaroni and other pasta. If you choose to give your dogs pasta, you should serve them the noodles without any sauce on top.

This way, your dogs can enjoy pasta without eating any ingredients or seasonings that may make them sick. You should contact your veterinarian immediately if you think that your dogs have eaten any pasta sauce with onion or garlic as ingredients.