Can Dogs Eat Pears?

Most dogs seem to enjoy many different types of fruits. If you want to give your pet a healthy treat, you may be wondering if dogs can eat pears. And if so, are pears good, bad, or just OK for dogs to have? Fortunately, pears are actually safe for dogs and puppies to eat, and this includes Asian pears, provided that you remove the seeds, stem, pits, and core before feeding it to them. Like with apples, we don’t eat these parts, and neither should your dog because they contain poisonous chemicals such as cyanide. Ultimately, feeding your canine sliced pears is a great way to give them a tasty yet nutritious treat they’ll really love.

Can Dogs Eat Pears

Health Benefits of Pears For Dogs

Both dogs and humans can enjoy many health benefits from eating pears. For starters, pears are very rich in fiber, which is good for your dog’s heart, as it helps lower cholesterol and keeps their digestive systems healthy.

Other reasons dogs are allowed to eat pears include the fact that this fruit is:

  • High in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, and K
  • Rich in antioxidants that help to fight cancer, prevent cell deterioration, and prevent issues that are common with age
  • Rich in copper, niacin, folic acid, potassium, phosphorus, and pectin

Dogs and Pears

Pears are healthy for dogs, but like anything, they should be given in moderation. Your dog will love this tasty treat and you’ll be able to add valuable nutrients to their diet. When feeding pears to your dog, you should make sure that they are thoroughly washed. This removes any residual pesticides or chemicals that may have been sprayed on them.

After washing it, peel the pear and remove the core and seeds. Then, cut it into small slices so it will be easier to eat and digest. You can give your dogs up to three slices each every couple of days. Any more than this may result in stomach upsets, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Pears, like most fruits, are high in sugar so be careful about giving your dogs too much of it on a frequent basis. Remember, treats should make up only 5 to 10 percent of a dog’s diet.

Are Canned Pears Safe For Dogs?

You might be considering canned pears because they’re more convenient since they have longer shelf lives and are already washed, peeled, and sliced. However, canned pears have a lot of additives that might not be healthy for dogs. For example, they might have preservatives or added sugar.

If you’re planning on giving pears to your dogs, you should make sure that they are fresh and ripe. Even the unsweetened canned varieties contain ingredients that should not be included in your dog’s diet.

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Pears

Even though pears are generally healthy for dogs to eat, it’s always a good idea to talk to your veterinarian before introducing any new food into your dog’s diet. Your vet can advise you on the best treats to give to your dog, which may differ depending on breed, activity level, and any preexisting health conditions. For example, pears are a great treat for overweight dogs because dogs tend to love the taste and the fiber will keep them full for much longer periods of time.