Can Dogs Eat Pork?

We love to give our dogs table scraps, and our dogs are just as happy to receive them as we are to give. But should your dogs be eating everything that you eat? Some dog owners may be curious about whether or not their dog can eat pork. While a lot of human food is healthy for dogs in moderation, there are some foods that should only be given to dogs on occasion, and many that they shouldn’t be eating at all.

Can Dogs Eat Pork

Can Dogs Have Pork?

This can be a tricky question. Yes, dogs can eat pork, but they can’t have all kinds of pork. For instance, you should never give cured pork to a dog because of its high salt content. So, bacon and ham are pretty much out of the question, except for a tiny bite here and there. Pork chops, pork tenderloin, and pork roast are okay for dogs to have in moderation. In fact, there are enzymes in pork that can help lead to better digestion, as long as it is given to dogs in moderation.

You may also be wondering if you should be giving your dog pork bones. The simple answer is no. For one thing, they are a lot like chicken bones, and they can splinter inside your dog’s mouth, throat, or stomach and present a number of health risks.

Side Effects of Pork for Dogs

Too much pork, especially if it is raw or under-cooked, can lead to intestinal roundworms as well as trichinellosis in dogs. Symptoms of this disease include:

  • Sore muscles
  • Severe body pain
  • Swelling of the upper eyelids

If you are planning on giving your dog pork as an occasional treat, make sure that it’s fully cooked. It’s also a good idea to make sure that it was previously frozen and not fresh, to ensure that all parasites have been killed. Look for lean cuts of pork that don’t have a lot of fat. Also, be careful not to season any pork that you are giving your dog. Seasonings such as onions and garlic are toxic for them.

How Much Pork Can Your Dog Eat?

Pork is a rich meat, so it’s important to give it to your dog in moderation. Yes, they can have a little bit once in a while, but it shouldn’t be a daily thing. Also, dogs tend to be more allergic to pork than to other meats. Start out by giving your dog very small amounts, and then watch his/her reaction afterwards. Remember, too much pork can lead to indigestion and other health issues, including inflammation of the pancreas.

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Pork in Moderation

It’s not a bad thing to want to give your dog treats, and it’s okay to give them pork once in a while, as long as they aren’t allergic to it. Make sure that any pork you give your dog is fully cooked, and that you only give them a little bit (no more than ½ cup for small dogs and 1 cup for medium and larger size dogs).