Can Dogs Eat Sausage?

If you love to give your dog treats while you are eating, you need to make sure that those treats are going to be healthy for your dog. For example, can dogs eat sausage, including vienna sausages, without experiencing any negative health effects? While sausages for dogs may sound like a meaty and delicious treat, most experts say that sausage is bad for a dog’s diet. Let’s explore why giving your dog sausage isn’t a good idea, and what meat or protein alternatives may be a better, healthier choice for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Sausage

Is Sausage Bad For Dogs?

Do you enjoy having breakfast sausages in the morning? Does your dog look at you with those sad, pleading eyes, hoping you will toss a little bit their way? Sure, they probably love it, but it is never a good idea to give them their own piece of sausage. You can safely give them a small bite or two, but that is more than enough. If you do give your dog a bit of sausage, make sure that it is fully cooked, as any raw sausage can cause salmonella.

One of the main reasons sausage is bad for dogs is because it is so high in fat. Did you know that a breakfast sausage can be as much as 50 percent fat? This is not healthy for dogs, because it can not only lead to obesity, but also to a lot of other health issues, including heart problems, pancreatitis, and diabetes.

Sausage is also generally loaded with salt and other seasonings that are not good for dogs. These seasonings can include onion and garlic, which are both very bad for dogs, and can cause red blood cell damage.

Healthier Meat Options For Dogs

Don’t give your dogs those Vienna sausages you just cooked up. Instead, there are healthier options that dogs love that won’t cause obesity or other heart problems when given in moderation. For example, there are sausage-like doggy treats that are made specifically for dogs, so they are high in the nutrients dogs need without containing a lot of fat and seasonings that may be harmful to dogs.

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Sausage Sometimes

The occasional small piece of sausage from your plate will not harm most dogs. However, you should not give sausage as a part of their daily diet (no matter how much they beg for it). Instead, opt for healthier treats that are just as tasty, but a lot better for your dog. If you do give your dogs a bit of sausage now and again, watch them to make sure that they are not suffering from possible side effects including gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation.