Can Dogs Eat Tofu?

Many people are adopting vegan or vegetarian lifestyles these days, which can be a wonderful, personal diet choice. However, a lot of dog owners also want to remove animal products, i.e. meat, from their pet’s diets and are wondering if dogs can eat tofu, a traditional meat alternative for vegans and vegetarians. While tofu for dogs isn’t discouraged altogether, the ultimate question is whether tofu is good for your dog or not?

Can Dogs Eat Tofu

Is Tofu Safe For Dogs?

Dogs can eat tofu but using it as an alternative to meat products is not a good idea. Dogs need meat as part of their diets and tofu does not contain all the ingredients or nutrients that dogs need to remain healthy.

Many dog food manufacturers use soy (tofu is made from soy) as a filler because it is inexpensive. However, this is not a healthy option for dogs. We also note that if these manufacturers are cutting corners when it comes to one ingredient, i.e. soy, it’s likely that the food also contains other ingredients that add very little nutritional value and are not healthy your dog.

While it’s not recommended that you give your dog tofu regularly, there is nothing wrong with letting him or her have some as a treat in moderation. When given in small amounts, the worst problem you are likely to notice is that your dog has a bit of gas. However, if you notice diarrhea, it’s important to stop feeding your dog tofu.

Also, avoid any seasonings, especially any onion or garlic, and give tofu to your dog plain. When in doubt, remember that dogs’ taste buds work differently than humans’ and they don’t need seasonings on their food as we oftentimes do.

Scientific Research on Tofu or Soy for Dogs

There is unfortunately not enough research to confirm or deny the health benefits of tofu or soy for dogs. There are, however, a higher number of reasons for not giving dogs tofu than there are for feeding it to them on a regular-basis. Tofu is an unusual food for dogs and it is not a part of their traditional diet. This may lead to digestive issues and your dog could end up either constipated or with diarrhea.

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Tofu in Moderation

If you’re a vegan and you eat tofu regularly as a source of protein, don’t fall prey to the mistake of turning your dog into a vegan, too. Dogs require meat in their diets to receive the necessary nutrients that keep them healthy. Also, look for dog food that doesn’t contain soy or corn as fillers, and remember, it’s not cruel for your dogs to eat meat, even if you choose to avoid animal products in your own diet.