Top 100 Popular Dog Names 2018

Curious about the most popular dog names of 2018? With so many common dog names, picking the best male and female one for your pet can be tough. While a cute girl name like “Bella” might be appropriate for a female Shih-Tzu or Maltese, guys need strong, tough dog names for their male Pit Bull, Husky, or German Shepherd. Similarly, how you name your puppy can say a lot about you, your personality, and sense of humor.

Fortunately, owners don’t need to brainstorm on names for dogs when we’ve compiled a list of the 100 most popular pet names! Below, check out the best boy and girl dog names of 2017 to find an adorable yet cool way to introduce your pup to the world!

Popular Dog Names

Top 100 Best Dog Names in 2018

Here are our favorite pet names of the year. Many of these even apply to other animals, including cats, fish, and birds!

1. Bella51. Stella
2. Buddy52. Abby
3. Max53. Emma
4. Molly54. Gracie
5. Bailey55. Lexi
6. Daisy56. Oreo
7. Charlie57. Sam
8. Lucy58. Luna
9. Sadie59. Missy
10. Chloe60. Rosie
11. Maggie61. Baby
12. Rocky62. Lulu
13. Roxy63. Sasha
14. Jack64. Baxter
15. Lola65. Cody
16. Peanut66. Rocco
17. Toby67. Tucker
18. Marley68. Ellie
19. Coco69. Mocha
20. Cooper70. Rusty
21. Gizmo71. Casey
22. Lucky72. Copper
23. Milo73. Izzy
24. Bear74. Koda
25. Harley75. Scooter
26. Jake76. Bo
27. Sophie77. Bubba
28. Mia78. Heidi
29. Riley79. Spike
30. Shadow80. Belle
31. Ginger81. Cleo
32. Lily82. Joey
33. Ruby83. Romeo
34. Angel84. Rudy
35. Buster85. Sammy
36. Pepper86. Tyson
37. Zoey87. Dixie
38. Duke88. Holly
39. Bruno89. Jasper
40. Lilly90. Lady
41. Oliver91. Leo
42. Zoe92. Roxie
43. Bandit93. Sassy
44. Cookie94. Sugar
45. Dexter95. Jackson
46. Princess96. Katie
47. Teddy97. Layla
48. Bentley98. Oscar
49. Penny99. Precious
50. Snickers100. Rex